December 21, 2019 Meeting

Meeting came to order at 10:00 am.

First: Larry Dukes reporting of the 2019 financial report
Financial Report

Motion by David Hicks, sceonded by Gary smith, to axcept the report as read.

QUESTION: Format for the Derby Day Special event?
Motion by Warren Mitchell, seconded by Danny Quire, to use the Individual Gross and Net format. Create and register your own foursome in advanced. Sign in and pay entry fee before 8:00 am. Start hole tees will be assigned. Shotgun start at 8:30. That Motion passed.

Raymond Casey explained the basic changes to the handicap system created by the USGA's "World Handicap System" rules. We highly recommend that all members watch the video of KGA's Handicap Seminar. Links are available on the and the websites.

SENIOR CLUB CHAMPION: Motion by Warren Mitchell that the Senior member, age 60 or older, regardless of default tee played, with the lowest gross score, will be our Senior Champion. That motion seconded and passed.

DEFAULT TEES: Motion by Jim Beirne that the "Gold" default tee be at 5 (handicap), (5.4 index), and below. The "Blue" default tee will be (6 handicap, 5.5 index) through (13 handicap, 13.4 index), with two flights per event. The "White" default tee will remain same as 2019, (with two flights in each event. The Red default tee will remain the same as 2019 ( 20 handicap, 19.5 index) and over. Motion seconded by Terry Paige and passed.

2020 OFFICERS: Motion by David Hicks to elect Jim Beirne, President; Terry Paige, Vic President; Raymond Casey, Secretary; and Larry Dukes as Treasurer. Motion seconded by Gary Smith. Motion passed