Membership meeting December, 10, 2016

The meeting was called to order at 10:06am with Larry Dukes, Treasurer, presiding.

The first order of business was the 2016 financial report.
Financial Report

Motion to accept financial report was from Terry LaFontaine, and seconded by Terry Paige. (Motion passed)

A motion to donate $500.00 each to the Food Pantry, Simon House, and Salvation Army was made by David Hicks and seconded by Terry Paige. (Motion passed)

2017 officers: Motion from David Hicks and seconded by Elic Jones, to elect currant officers for 2017. (Motion passed)

New Business: Tie breaker using matching score cards. Motion by Donnie Rodgers and seconded by Terry LaFontaine to use USGA's tie breaking method. (Motion passed)

Match Play strokes: Motion by Alan Smith and seconded by Bill Bell to use difference in handicaps (as per KGA) on the holes as listed by the course handicap ratings. (Motion passed)

Club Champion eligibility: Motion by Bill Bell and seconded by David Hicks to adopt a rule that members must play in two JHGA tournaments prior to the Club Championship to be eligible to compete for the "Club Champion" title. (Motion passed)

There was discussion about allowing some members to play the second round of a two day tournament, on Sunday, in the afternoon. (Results pending}

Adjournment: Motion by Terry Magel, second by Bill Bell to adjourn; 10:40am.