2015 Tournament Results

First Place:.......Mike Rodgers, Brad Reynolds, Steve Furnish, Barry Wise (61)
Second Place:...Danny Bailey, Kevin Shipp, Wallace Fawbush, Donnie Rodgers (61)
Third Place:.....Sean Rodgers, John Yoshizawa, Don Schierer, Ricky May (61)
Fourth Place:...BJ Hurst, Dionnie Cloud, Lanny Walls, James Caudle (62)
Fifth Place:......David Hicks, Jimmy Clem, Bob Robinson, Larry Prewitt (63)

Individual Low Net
May 2
Place Finished Flight 1 Flight 2 Flight 3 Flight 4
First Seth Dawson Robert Arrowood Ronald Haga
Second Sean Rodgers Scott Tippett Howard Hazelwood
Third Terry Thompson Chuck Dempsey Willie Stivers
Fourth Troy Woody Monty Owens Bennie Thurman
Fifth Stephen Fowler Kat Veerasenthakul
Sixth Bj Hurst Bob Robinson
Seventh Rex Fowler
Derby Day Pink Ball/Scramble
3-player Scramble (64)
3-player Scramble (64)
1-player Pink Ball (79)
1-player Pink Ball (79)
4 Man Team, 3 Best Ball
May 16
Flight 1
1st Bill Burleson Elic Jones Tom Riffe Gary Smith
2nd Todd Combs Ben Hinson Scott Schepens Nick Wilkins
3rd Sean Rodgers Mike Rodgers Bob Etherington Donnie Rodgers
Flight 2
1st Jim Ashcraft Howard Hazelwood John Holbert Don Mattingly
2nd Richard MacDonald Terry Magel Lanny Walls Donnie Cloud
3rd Chase Mahoney David Mahoney Dusty Rhodes Brendon Woody
4 Man Team Combined Net
May 25
Flight 1
1st Tommy Hughes Chad Wiard Jack Conway Monty Owens
2nd Raymond Casey Rex Fowler Dennis Roush Marty Young
3rd Drex Davis Scott Tippett Mike Waldner Neville White
Flight 2
1st Ray Jones Chuck Dempsey Brandon Dempsey Wallace Fawbush
2nd Barry Wise Jesse Martin Danny Courtney Robert Arrowood
3rd Steve Beers Paul Hiser Larry Prewitt Blind Draw
June 6-7
Place Finished Flight 1 Flight 2
1st Jim Thompson and Ben Boggs Donnie Cloud and Jimmy Caudall
2nd Jon Tandy and Doug Marshall Donnie Rodgers and Bob Etherington
3rd Rich Eversman and Terry Thonpson Paul Hampton and Mark Harrod
4th Stewart Willis and Jeff Strange Bill Burleson and Elic Jones
5th Tom Russell and Keith McNeil Rob Arrowood and Brian Butler
Two-Man Net
June 20
Place Finished Division 1 Division 2
July 3
Flight 1 Flight 2 Flight 3 Flight 4
1st Nick Wilkins Rich Eversman David Mahoney Donnie Rodgers
2nd Sean Rodgers Harold Moore Chase Mahoney Mark Harrod
3rd Todd Combs Macauley Hurst Jim Beirne Steve Bolin
4th Gary Sharfe Danny Quire Tom Riffe Barry Wise
Match Play
July 4 through July 12

Mixed Member/Member
August 1-2
Place Division 1 Division 2 Division 3
1st Jeff and Joanna Strange Troy Woody and Julie Ryan Jimmy And Rose Caudle
2nd Rex Fowler and Becky Ebert Bert White And Barbara Terrell John and Melinda Holbert
3rd Kevin and Brenda Shipp Donnie and Audie Rodgers Wallace Fawbush and Stacy McClellan
Barry Harrod and Donna Grimes
4th Donnie and Elaine Cloud Tom Riffe and Susan Goins
5th Tom Russell and Teresa Prather Bennie Thurman and Tammy McMichael Kat Veerasethakul and Ester Wilhoyte
Club Championship
August 15-16

Results *

* using USGA and KGA's recommended tie breaking method

Flights First Second Third Fourth Fifth
Labor Day Scramble
September 7


Awards Scramble (Season Final)
September 26

Four teams tied:
Troy Woody, Alan Smith, Kat Verrasethakul, Willie Stivers, Howard Haselwood (60)
Warren Mitchel, Don Mattingly, Keith Ritchie, George Mann (60)
Mike Rodgers, Raymond Casey, Steve Beers, Glenn Murphy, Bob Karsner (60)
Marty Young, Brad Reynolds, Bob Robinson, Wallace Fawbush (60)