2011 Tournament Results

First Place:.......Jim Simpson, Troy Woody, Jim Beirne, and Paul Hiser
Second Place:...Rex Fowler, Bill Burleson, Elic Jones, and Mark Higden
Third Place:......Todd Combs, Taylor McDonald, Jim Thompson, and Donnie Tingle

Individual Low Net
April 30
Place Finished Division 1 Division 2 Division 3
First Harold Moore Rich Eversman Jason MacDonald
Second Darrell Smith
Eddie Sullivan
Jon Tandy
Marty Young
Jack Conway
Scott Tippett
Barry Wise
Steve Bolin
Fourth   Chuck Dempsey
Steve Beers
Alan Smith
Gary Ison
Fifth   Neville White  
Sixth David Herrera Bill Bell Donnie Tingle
Seventh Joseph White Jason Green Brian Kays
Joey Holbert
Phillip Mann
Eighth Rex Fowler Howard Hazelwood  
Ninth Jacob Cook    
Tenth     Taylor Manley
Derby Day Pink Ball/Scramble
May 7
1-player Pink ball Gary Holbert Danny Quire Terry Magel Lyman Dale
3-players Scramble (First Place) Troy Woody Danny Bailey Jason Murphy
3-players Scramble (Tied Second) Mike Rodgers Raymond Casey Bob Robinson John Holbert
3-players Scramble (Tied Second) David Herrera Steve Beers Ben Coleman Don Mattingly
Pink Ball and Scramble Gary Sharfe Mark Kriel Grant Sudduth Alan Smith
4 Man Team, 3 Best Ball
May 21
1st Net Troy Woody Ben Coleman John Yoshizawa Martin Anderson
2nd Net Gary Sharfe Bob Sharfe Steve Redmon Bennie Thurman
3rd Net Bryan McCoy Ellery Etherington Scott Goode Scott McCauley
3th Net David Hicks Gary Smith Bill Burleson Jim Cozine
5th Net Glenn Murphy Jason Murphy JC Young Seth Dawson
5th Net Larry Branham Bill Trigg Sonny Mooney Mike Newton
5th Net Rich Eversman Gary LeMaster John Hodgkin Bob Tillett
8th Net Tommy Hughes Monty Owens Chad Wiard Jack Conway
8th Net Billy Woodside Jim Simpson Bill Woolums Brad Marston
4 Man Team Combined Net
May 30
1st Net Eddie Sullivan Darrell Smith Barry Harrod Taylor Manley
2nd Net Bryan McCoy Scott McCauley Tony Villier Scott Goode
3rd Net Vic Refalo Bob Robinson Steve Beers Bob Faesy
3rd Net Bert White Joseph White Danny Quire Nonie Buquid
5th Net Gary Smith Jim Cozine Bill Burleson David Hicks
6th Net Blake Bolin Steve Bolin Lemoyne Pilcher Grant Sudduth
6th Net Jason Green Mark Higdon Anthony Presley Elgie McFayden
6th Net Barry Wise Danny Courtney Brian Butler Lee Livingood
June 11-12
Place Finished Division 1 Division 2
1st Ben Boggs and Jim Thompson Donnie Rodgers and Fred Brashears
2nd Gary Sharfe and Bob Sharfe
Stewart Willis and Jeff Strange
Jim Beirne and Larry Dukes
3rd Carky McCarthy and Terry Magel
4th Bill Burleson and Jim Cozine Terry LaFontaine and Jon Aydt
Phillip Mann and Gary Ison
5th Seth Dawson and Sean Rodgers
John Yoshizawa and Kevin Shipp
Bob Newton and Russ Bledsoe
6th Bill Bell and Chuck Dempsey
Lemoyne Pilcher and Grant Sudduth
Two-Man Net
June 18 (Cancelled)
First Flight Second Flight
July 4
Flight 1 Flight 2 Flight 3 Flight 4 Flight 5 Flight 6 Gross Flight 6 Net
1st Rex Fowler Darrell Smith Kevin Shipp Bob Sharfe Grant Sudduth Alan Smith Lyman Dale
2nd Jeff Strange
Joseph White
Brad Reynolds
Eddie Sullivan
John Yoshizawa Terry Magel Bryan McCoy Donnie Tingle Terry LaFontaine
Tony Villier
3rd     Bill Burleson Glenn Murphy
Jim Ashcraft
Steve Redmon
4th Warren Mitchell Ben Boggs
Lemonye Picher
Tom Riffe
Danny Quire   Scott Kays
Match Play
July 9, thru July 17

Mixed Member/Member
July 23-24
Place Division 1 Division 2 Division 3
1st Bob Sharfe and Kim Wooldridge Marty Young and Shirley Rodgers Jeff and Joanna Strange
2nd Darrell Smith and Sandra Shelton Todd Combs and Susan Sponamore Donnie and Audie Rodgers
3rd Scott and Megan Kinney Raymond Casey and Barbara Booze
Bill Bell and Susan Goins
Kevin Whitaker and Carol Wiard
4th Ben Boggs and Denise Wentz
Troy Woody and Thelma King
  Bob Tillet and Sue Wood
5th   Neville and Sherry White
Alan Smith and Billie Lee
Jack and Patty Conway
6th     Jeff and Mary Rogers
Club Championship
August 6 - 7


Flights First Second Third Fourth Fifth
Awards Scramble (Season Final)
September 24
1st Todd Combs Elic Jones Seth Dawson Donnie Tingle
2nd Gary Holbert Tom Riffe John Yoshizawa Terry Paige Sonny Mooney
3rd Rich Eversman Danny Bailey Bob Robinson Vic Refalo Bob Karsner