2007 Tournament Results

First Place: Tom Russell, Larry Watson, Russell Bledsoe, Brad Marston, Gary Ison
Second Place: Jim Beirne, Bill Bell, Steve Redmon, Bryan McCoy, Gary Horne, Mike Guffey
Third Place: BJ Wink, Brad Reynolds, Taylor Manley, Alex Riggs, Steve Bishop, Eddie Riddle
Fourth Place: Sean Rodgers, Jimmy Clem, Lanny Walls, John Holbert, Joe Staszewski

Individual Low Net
April 7; Postponed to June 16
1st Flight 2nd Flight 3rd Flight 4th Flight
1st Net Rex Fowler Harold Moore Vic Refalo Mike Manning
2nd Net Dennis Rodgers Travis Trent Charles Terrell Rick Nesselrode
3rd Net David Hicks Mike Guffey
Larry Watson
Joe Brown
John Yoshizawa
Tom Eustace
Paul Hiser
4th Net Doug Marshall

4 Man Team Low Net
April 21
1st Net Mike Manning Barry Barrett Travis Trent Elgie McFayden
2nd Net Chuck Dempsey Alex Riggs Nathan Campbell Steve Sheets
3rd Net Danny Quire Bert White Clyde Wiseman Fred Brashears
4th Net Fred Fox Bob Robinson Jim Rice Jim Stevens
4th Net Steve Redmon Eric Braden Bennie Thurman Chad Wiard
4th Net Lemoyne Pilcher Tom Dobson Gary Horne Mike Guffey

Derby Day Red Ball/Scramble
May 5
Red ball
1st Chris Cole Jo Jo White Mike Guffey Barry Barrett
2nd Jim Beirne John Holbert Mike Manning Larry Watson
1st Glen Murphy Joe Staszewski Beau Evins Nathan Campbell
2nd Lewis Semones Paul Hiser Chuck Dempsey Clyde Wiseman Mike Gatewood
1st Glenn Murphy Joe Staszewski Beau Evins Nathan Campbell
2nd Lewis Semones Paul Hiser Chuck Dempsey Clyde Wiseman Mike Gatewood

2 Man net best ball
May 19
1st: Vic Refalo and Steve Beers 9th: Mike Manning and Travis Trent
2nd: Bob Karsner and Marvin Hedden 10th: Larry Watson and Wayne Kays
3rd: Tom Riffe and Scott Tippett 11th: Phillip Mann and Steve Rodgers
4th: Lanny Walls and Neville White 12th: Harold Moore and Mike Guffey
5th: Gary Sharfe and Joseph White 13th: Danny Bailey and Dennis Roush
6th: Darrell Green and Rick Honican 14th: Brad Reynolds and Mark Wash
7th: Al Wink and BJ Wink 15th: Bob Robinson and Fred Fox
8th: Bill Burleson and David Herrera 16th: Danny Quire and Bert White

Memorial Day 2-man Scramble
May 28
Division 1 Division 2 Division 3
First Sean Rodgers
Lewis Semones
Steve Sheets
Vic Refalo
Bob Karsner
Lanny Goins
Second Mike Rodgers
Chad Wiard
Lemoyne Pilcher
Bryan McCoy
Richard Kozenski
Allen Slucher
Third Lanny Walls
Harold Moore
Bob Robinson
Larry Fowler
Willie Stivers
Terry LaFontaine

June 2-3
Division 1 Division 2
1st Brad Reynolds and Mark Wash 1st Willie Stivers and Wayne Kays
2nd (tied) Bill Burleson and David Herrera 2nd Mike Manning and John Yoshizawa
2nd (tied) Eddie Sullivan and Danny Courtney 3rd Don Mattingly and Joe Staszewski
4th (tied) Harold Moore and Grant Sudduth 4th Rick Nesselrode and Ellery Etherington
4th (tied) Travis Trent and Barry Barrett 5th Gary Holbert and Joey Holbert

Chapman Alternate Shot
June 9
Division 1 Division 2
Net Net
1st Danny Quire and Bert White 1st Fred Fox and Bob Robinson
2nd Bill Burleson and David Herrera 2nd Jimmy Clem and Steve Bolin
3rd Marty Young and Eric Braden 3rd Charlie Blanton and Beau Evins
4th Keith George and Jim Cozine 4th Joey Holbert and Gary Holbert
5th David Noble and Darrell Smith 5th Brad Reynolds and Larry Dukes
Division 3
1st Don Mattingly and Joe Staszewski
2nd Gary Sharfe and Gary Horne
3rd Rick Nesselrode and Ellery Etherington
4th Larry Fowler and Wayne Kays

July 4th Classic
Flight 1
1st Gross; Jim Cozine
2nd Gross; Sean Rodgers
1st Net; Raymond Casey
2nd Net; Ben Wink
Flight 2
1st Gross; Mark Coleman
2nd Gross; Jon Aydt
1st Net; Don Mattingly
2nd Net; Joseph White
Flight 3
1st Gross; Vic Refalo
2nd Gross; Fred Brashears
1st Net; Paul Hampton
2nd Net; Russ Bledsoe
Flight 4
1st Gross; Steve Redmon
2nd Gross; Tony Sheets
1st Net; Wayne Kays
2nd Net; Lanny Goins
Flight 5
1st Gross; Gary Ison
2nd Gross; Corky McCarthy
1st Net; CJ Lohr
2nd Net; Phillip Mann
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Club Championship

Labor Day Scramble
September 3
1st (58) Jim Cozine Bennie Thurman John Holbert Bob Karsner
2nd (59) Rex Fowler Keith George Fred Fox Lyman Dale
3rd (60) Danny Bailey Jimmy Clem Bryan McCoy Nelson Hix
(61) Mike Rodgers Frank Wagoner Kevin Hall JL Soyars
(62) Raymond Casey Fred Brashears Wayne Kays Terry LaFontaine
(62) Steve Beers Bert White Paul Hampton Willie Stivers
(62) Don Mattingly Darryl Blackwell Chad Wiard Phillip Mann
(62) Dennis Roush Larry Watson Larry Dukes Beau Evins
(62) Marty Young Bill Bell Rick Nesselrode Bob Etherington
(63) Bill Burleson Joe Brown Glenn Murphy Joe Staszewski
(63) Jim Beirne Danny Quire Tom Eustace Lewis Semones
(64) Sean Rodgers RA Sharfe Lanny Walls Gary Horne
(66) Brad Reynolds Bob Robinson Larry Fowler Corky McCarthy

4 Man 3 best balls
September 22
1st (188) Jim Cozine Keith George David Herrera BJ Hurst
2nd (191) Raymond Casey Rex Fowler Dennis Roush Marty Young
3rd (193) Gary Sharfe RA Sharfe Bennie Thurman Steve Redmon
3rd (193) Jeff Combs Lanny Goins JL Soyars Joe Staszewski
3rd (193) Lemoyne Pilcher Eddie Riddle Jeffery Rogers Blind Draw
(195) Richard MacDonald Steve Rodgers Phillip Mann Alan Slucher
(196) Larry Fowler Wayne Kays Glenn Murphy Don Mattingly
(196) Darrell Green Rick Honican Doug Sheffield Steve Beers
(198) Jim Rice Darryle Blackwell Lyman Dale Twister Garrison
(198) Harold Moore Mike Guffey Tom Dobson David Noble
(201) Bob Robinson Fred Fox Nelson Hix Rick Morris
(201) Jimmy Clem Bill Bell Steve Bolin John Holbert
(201) Scott Tippett Neville White Willie Stivers Tom Riffe
(203) Frank Wagoner Lewis Semones Elic Jones Tag Hughes
(204) Joe Brown Bill Burleson Russ Bledsoe Danny Bailey
(205) Billy Woodside Brad Marston David Hicks Mark Coleman
(207) Jim Beirne Larry Dukes Brad Reynolds Mark Wash
(207) Bob Newton Corkey McCarthy Jim Thompson CJ Lohr
(216) Bob Karsner Marvin Hedden Gary Horne Vic Refalo
(NC) Barry Barrett Mike Manning Travis Trent John Yoshizawa

Year Ending Scramble
September 29
1st (62) Travis Trent Bert White Chad Wiard JL Soyars
2nd (62) David Herrera Fred Brashears RA Sharfe Marvin Hedden
3rd (64) Brad Reynolds Danny Quire Tom Eustace Paul Hiser
(64) Steve Beers Tom Riffe John Holbert Joe Staszewski
(64) Jim Cozine Bennie Thurman John Yoshizawa Gary Horne
(64) Joseph White Jimmy Clem Steve Redmon Phillip Mann
(64) Don Mattingly Bob Robinson Rich Nesselrode Charles Donovan
(65) Bob Newton Ninie Buquid Wayne Kays Bob Karsner
(65) Raymond Casey Jim Rice Mark Wash Twister Garrison
(65) Danny Bailey Jim Beirne Fred Fox Lewis Semones
(66) Dennis Roush Darryl Blackwell Glenn Murphy Willie Stivers
(67) Lemoyne Pilcher Bill Bell Jim Stevens Terry LaFontaine
(67) Gary Holbert Marty Young Lyman Dale Beau Evins