Ready Golf - Suggested Method from: Kentucky Golf Association

Teeing Area;

  • The player with honors should be ready to hit first. If they aren’t ready, someone else should go ahead and play.
  • When waiting on the group in front, any player may proceed if the group ahead is clear of his landing area.

  • General Area;

  • All golfers should proceed to their ball as soon as possible and get ready to play their next shot.
  • Players operating a motorized cart should drop off their fellow player if they are farther from the green. The player should then proceed to his ball and be ready to play, providing he is not interfering with any other player’s shot in the group.
  • Use your time WISELY while you wait (gauge the wind, select a club, and make practice swings).

  • Searching for Lost Balls;

  • It is important for all players to help in searching for a lost ball to keep the pace of play moving,
  • o but players should do so after playing their own shots.
    o Example: players farthest from the hole should play first and then assist in the search.

    Putting Green;

  • Get READY to putt before it is your turn. Players should line up their putts while others in the group are putting.
  • Keep putting continuously when possible.
  • o If you can easily finish out without an extensive look or If you have a stance that would not affect another player’s stroke.

  • The player closet to the hole should take responsibility for tending or removing the flagstick when requested.
  • The next to last player to hole out should take responsibility for replacing the flagstick.
  • There is no reason a player can't putt while others are raking bunkers or walking to the green.

  • Golf Cart

  • You should be fully prepared for your next stroke when you leave the cart.
  • Always take everything you would possibly need (multiple clubs, towel, range finder, etc.)