Default Tee and Handicap: 7/28/2022

Default tees are determined by the following: Index 5.4 and less will play from Gold tees; Index 5.5 thru 13.4 will play from the Blue tees; Index 13.5 thru 20.4 will play from the White tees; Index 20.5 and above will play from the Red tees. Members will be responsible for knowing their default tee.
Jonathan AndersonNH
Jon Aydt6.0Blue3
Danny Bailey12.3Blue9
Jack Bates13.4Blue10
Jim Beirne16.7White12
Evan Bell10.9Blue7
Jeff Bibb14.5White10
Ben Boggs12.0Blue9
Steve Bolin22.0Red15
Mark Brickner10.0Blue7
Raymond Casey17.2White12
Jimmy Caudle20.0White15
Jake Clark10.4Blue7
Tony Cleveland15.8White11
Donnie Cloud13.0Blue10
Mark Coleman8.9Blue5
Aaron Collins13.3Blue10
Sidney Dailey13.0Blue10
Seth Dawson9.4Blue6
Steve Dawson17.4White13
Bob Detwiler23.6Red17
Tom Dobson8.6Blue5
Larry Dukes18.4White14
Bob Etherington23.6Red17
Rich Eversman10.0Blue7
Tim Fowler4.3Gold2
Jason Green11.9Blue9
Rick Groves24.0Red17
Paul Hampton23.6Red17
Mark Harrod18.0White13
David Hicks6.0Blue3
Brian Hiles10.8Blue7
Paul Hiser21.9Red15
John Hodgkin13.9White9
Gary Holbert9.8Blue6
Tommy Hughes18.5White14
Bj Hurst9.9Blue6
Elic Jones18.0White13
Kevin Jones10.4Blue7
Brad Kays9.2Blue6
Mark Keadle4.3Gold2
Terry LaFontaine24.3Red17
Richard MacDonald16.8White12
David Mahoney11.3Blue8
George Mann18.1White13
Scott Marlin0.0Gold+2
Ricky May20.0White15
James McCarthy20.0White15
Bryan McCoy15.5White11
Elgie McFayden11.6Blue8
Keith McNeil18.8White14
Thomas Midkiff15.6White11
Eric Miles14.9White10
Warren Mitchell7.6Blue4
Jordon Montgomery6.0Blue3
Bill Moore30.0Red23
Brandon Murravchick13.3Blue10
Bradley Nelson5.4Gold3
Bob Newton16.5White12
Billy O'Banion14.2White9
Monty Owens17.9White13
Terry Paige20.4White16
Nick Perry20.3White15
Ken Phillips15.8White11
LeMoyne Pilcher18.2White13
Rick Preston11.6Blue8
Michael Putty4.5Gold2
Danny Quire11.4Blue8
Steve Redmon15.3White10
Brad Reynolds10.5Blue7
Doug Rice14.9White10
Mike Rice13.4Blue10
Thomas Riffe14.5White10
Chris Ripy16.2White11
Keith Ritchie16.3White11
Donnie Rodgers18.7White14
Bob Sharfe18.7White14
Gary Sharfe8.3Blue5
Herb Sheetinger10.9Blue7
Wayne Sheffield16.2White11
Kevin Shipp9.2Blue6
Alan Smith12.7Blue9
Darrell Smith7.2Blue4
Gary Smith7.3Blue4
Victor Smith13.1Blue10
Ernie Stallard13.3Blue10
Bob Stevens18.6White14
Grant Sudduth17.3White12
Jim Thompson15.4White11
Terry Thompson8.8Blue5
Bennie Thurman15.8White11
Bob Tillett19.5White15
Scott Tippett10.8Blue7
Jacob van der Oort13.8White9
Kaleb Vincent14.8White10
Mike Waldner11.5Blue8
Lanny Walls21.7Red15
Steven Watts23.1Red16
Brandon Webb0.6Gold+2
Mark Whelan7.7Blue4
Bert White9.5Blue6
Neville White12.9Blue10
Chad Wiard13.8White9
Willie Willard18.4White14
Stewart Willis13.0Blue10
Brendon Woody11.1Blue8
Troy Woody9.6Blue6
Marty Young11.9Blue9